Services at vega city Mall

Top-notch services provided by the Vega City Mall,
all at your fingertips.

Help Desk

Help Desk is the One-stop solution hub for all your queries at Vega City Mall. Located at the entrance of the Mall, reach out to us in case you have any queries or doubts regarding the Mall.


We provide Wheelchair services to the elderly and the physically handicapped or in any case of emergency. Reach out to us with your request at the Help Desk.

Baby care rooms

We have dedicated spaces for Baby Care to provide a seamless, comfortable experience to all the parents tha visit our mall. It will be located near the restroom spaces.


Medical emergencies are always on top priority. Located in an ideal catchment near to multiple reputed hospitals, we also have a clinic to provide first-aid in case of an emergency.

Valet Parking

Another service that we provide is the Valet Parking service. Multiple Valets will be awaiting to collect your car and park in a secure location in the parking area.

Vehicle Wash

We wash your vehicles for you. In case you require this service, reach out to us via the help desk or drop a request in the parking area.

Bicycle Parking

In a world moving towards sustainability, we don’t just afford parking spaces for cars and motorbikes. We have dedicated spaces to park your picycles as well.

Cashless Payments

We encourage you to use Cashless Payments on all purchases and bill payments. Every store has an option for you to pay via online payment portals.

Free Wifi

You have the liberty to access our free wifi from anywhere in the mall area. Just login using your mobile number and enjoy fast, free Internet.

Lost and Found

We are not responsible for your personal belongings. However, if you want to lodge a complaint or check if we may have found what you lost, please reach out to us at the help desk.


Dedicated restroom spaces are allotted on every floor of our mall. Please make use of the direction sign boards or reach us out at the help desk to find them.

Prams and Strollers

We provide Prams and Strollers to help ease the experience of parents in the mall. In case you need them, please reach out to us at the help desk.

Pet Trolly

Vega Mall offers a convenient and free pet trolley service, allowing pet owners to bring their furry friends along for a shopping experience. To use this service, your pet should weigh less than 7 kilograms. Before approaching the pet trolley, we kindly request that owners check in with our staff to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit for both you and your pet. Enjoy shopping with your four-legged companion at Vega Mall!