Keeping you Safe

The pandemic has consumed our lives and now, we are adapting to the new normal. We

 always ensure and prioritize the safety of our customers.

How are we dealing with COVID-19

Take a look at the measure we are taking to ensure the safety of our customers.

Every regulation is made keeping in mind that you have a seamless and safe shopping experience!

Masks available

Masks are a mandate and if you have forgotten yours, we always have extra with us. Reach us out at the Help Desk and we will provide you a mask right away.

Sanitizers are placed around the mall

You find Sanitizers in every nook and corner of our mall including all our shops and restaurants. We also sanitise the entire mall perodically.

Regular temperature checks

We do a regular temperature check at every entrance of the mall. In case you have a high temperature, we advise you to please rest at home.

Maintaining Social Distance

Social distance is a must at our mall. We have placed markers everywhere to help guide you through maintaining the right social distancing.

Contactless Payments

We ensure that every shop and food outlet in our mall has the contactless payment feature so you do not have to transact using cash.

Safe disposal of Masks and Tissues

Dustbins are placed on every floor and restroom to safely dispose of masks and tissues. We kindly recommend that you use them.

Food Court Maintenance

Food courts are cleaned after every customer finishes their meal and sanitised accordingly. Apart from that, they are sanitised at regular intervals.

Regulated Air Conditioning

The Air Conditioning at Vega City mall strictly adheres to the regulations mandated by the Government. We maintain the temperature, as well as safety.

UV Scanners

We maintain UV Scanners at the entrance that disinfects your bags while we scan the contents. We do this to ensure safety protocols and to provide you with the best experience.